Training at ASISPA

Training Department

The Law on Prevention of Dependency and Promotion of Personal Autonomy seeks to ensure care for anyone experiencing dependency, impacting, among other things, the number of professionals needed in the field during the coming years.

This situation implies the need to professionalize workers who work directly with dependent individuals.

From the outset, a great deal of importance is placed upon the attention our personnel offer our users, with training and preparation as the foundation.

From ASISPA's philosophy arose the Training Department, which was created as one of the foundational pillars for achieving the professionalization of our workers.

Routine training plan for personnel

On an annual basis, ASISPA's Training Department creates and manages a Yearly Training Plan which is central to ASISPA's quality control system.

The training included in the mentioned Plan is focused on providing our personnel new knowledge and competencies to be applied to their work, attitudes, communication, and behavior directed at users and their families.

The main areas covered by the training courses included in our Plan are services for elders and dependents, social abilities and communication, prevention of occupational hazards, management, and human resources. The following are examples of other areas covered in our training courses:

  1. Social abilities and communication with elders.
  2. Geriatric psychology
  3. Alzheimer and other dementia.
  4. First aid.
  5. Mobilization of users with different pathologies.
  6. Hospice care.
  7. Caring for bed sores.
  8. Geriatric nutrition and diet.
  9. Courses from Certifications of Professionalism in Social-health Care on caring for persons in institutions and at home, etc.

Occupational training plans for employment

ASISPA has spent several years providing occupational training. This is due to societies increasing demand for the training and qualification of individuals in search of job opportunities in the growing field of care for dependent persons; as well as professionals intent on completing and updating their knowledge in different areas.

The following areas of focus are included in the occupational training courses offered by ASISPA:

  • Home Care Assistant
  • Geriatric Assistant
  • Specialization in Telecare Services
  • Specialization in Home Care Services

Online training: Atane@

As a result of the increasing public demand and interest in the training that ASISPA offers, our goal of sharing our knowledge with the greatest possible number of participants, and new training technologies, we have created Atane@, an Online Training Platform.

Through Atane@, ASISPA's Training Department develops training content created by professionals who work in our care services on a day to day basis, meaning that experienced experts are involved in the development of each course.

On the job training at elderly care centers

Continuing with the importance and implication that ASISPA shows in the training and professionalization of workers in the field, our centers receive students from other entities (associations, universities, schools, etc.), as well as occupational training courses which are given through the Training Department.

Through on the job training, our goal is to complete the training that students have received and provide them real-world experience, thus increasing their employability.